We carry a great variety of acoustic and electric guitars. Our music instrument store has some of the best prices in all of Los Angeles. All at great prices for beginner players, great choices for intermediate and advance players, and some items from a vintage selection. We can also help sell your instrument by consigning with us and can do repairs and set ups at competitive prices. Check our online store or come on by and check our music school and our store's musical selection. Our music store is located in West Hills, close to Canoga Park. Come in today and strum a guitar, try a few pedals or a new amp!



Our music school has a great staff of teachers, some of the best in Los Angeles. They will inspire you to play music. All lessons are one on one taught in our studios in West Hills, inside our music store. Offering lessons on Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Ukulele, Violin, and more.

Our goal is to get you playing your favorite music in just a few weeks.  

Being a music instrument store means we may have your first instrument, your new addition, or one you may have never seen before. Instruments + lessons = winning combination!



The Guitar Merchant Venue features live music weekly with live shows on the weekend,  Open Mic every Wednesday night where you take the stage and perform.  Our Venue is available for private parties,  special events, video shoots and more. Venue is located in back of the music store. It's a great place to spend your Wednesday night in Los Angeles. Conveniently located in West Hills, there are many food shops around.

THIS WEEK IN THE GUITAR MERCHANT VENUE Wednesday, April 17th, 7pm, OPEN MIC, Friday, April 19th, 7pm Not What We Seem, Via Magnet Saturday, April 20th, 6pm, Live Bands Play Guitar Merchant

Large Selection of Ukuleles

Ukuleles come in 4 sizes, the smallest and most common is the Soprano, next up is the concert which in tuned and plays the same but with a bigger body, then the Tenor which agan is a larger body then the Soprano and Concert.  The largest is the Baritione uke which is tuned differently.   All ukes have their own sound and feel.  We invite you to come in and strum the ukues and discover the ukulele that connects with you.   Our Ukuleles start at $39.95  



All Ukulele's On Sale This Month.



Our Summer Band Camp is starting soon, 2 weeks of music and fun, call us at 818-884-5905 or email us at  to signup